Swimming again

The local swimming pool has a 200-km challenge where you register to swim 200km in two years. If you finish the distance within the allotted time, you get a towel! And presumably your name etched in one of their exterior bricks. No? Okay, just the towel then.

I’ve been trying to go at least once a week, twice when I can manage it, on my lunch break. So far I’ve done six km in three weeks, which would put me on track to finish 200 in two years. I started about six weeks after everyone else, so I have some catching up to do.

All the same, I’ve taken about six minutes off my 1000m time already. I’m not going to see that kind of drastic improvement in the next three weeks, obviously, unless I start swimming so fast the clock goes backwards.

And it’s not about speed or personal bests. It’s about how quickly I can squeeze a workout into my absolutely nutso schedule. Today I managed to swim 1000m, shower, dress and get back to work in under 40 minutes, despite a woman hogging the only change room mirror the entire time I was trying to get ready.

I’ve committed myself to a triathlon in May (sprint distance) so I should probably get out for a jog or a ride sometime soon. Maybe when the temperature gets above -20!


3 responses to “Swimming again

  1. Woohoo triathlon, awesome! But don’t give up on ski season yet 🙂

  2. Haven’t been on skis in a month! eeeep…

  3. Ok I have hardly been skiing either…. so I can’t really hassle you about it!

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