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She’s not a wine drinker, but apparently her mother is

Sylvia: “Mommy, are you drinking water or wine?”

Me: “Wine.”

Sylvia: “Will you be drunk after you drink all of that wine?”



…. It was ONE glass! I swear!


High hopes

I start a new job on Wednesday. Very exciting!

We just completed what might have been the fastest move ever. Between accepting the job and unpacking in our new home there was a seven-day time lapse. Almost to the minute, in fact. The kids are enjoying their new ‘Daycare School’ (Sylvia can’t wait to go to actual school, so we started calling it school and wonder of wonders, she can’t WAIT to go every morning!) and I have a couple of days’ grace before starting work in which to wrap up a few freelance assignments.

It was hard leaving our friendships behind.

When I moved back to Canada after two years in France, I sold all my books. Parting with them was rough, and I promised myself I would never unwillingly sell or discard any books again. (I said unwillingly. This one doesn’t count!) Although I’ve moved 10 times since then I’ve more or less made good on that promise and packed my books with me. (I’ve also accumulated far less in recent years, this being the era of e-readers and Internet).

I can’t pack my friends though. And while I’ve kept in touch with the best ones from each of my homes over the years, it get harder each time to start over at building friendships in a new town.

I may be talking a big talk here, but I hope this is the last time I have to open each social interaction with “Hi, I just moved to town…”


How to maintain your sanity while moving: One simple step!

1. You don’t.