Jester thought

I keep a list of misused words I’ve come across in various editing assignments. Most of them are homonyms (actually, homophones) like troupe and troop. Damn and dam. Peak and peek. Of and Off.

Sometimes it takes awhile for me to spot them. I’ll read a sentence a few times and know something is not right, but I can’t immediately put my finger on it because there are no obvious spelling or grammatical errors. (There/their/they’re, for example, or to/two/too – I know those are tricky so I double check them each time).

Other times, they are too hilarious to miss. Tonight, I came across the best one yet.

Jester in place of gesture.

The thought of tiny court jesters in triangle hats replacing a nice gesture made me laugh and laugh.

Maybe it’s the delirium at work, but I have come up with a scenario where it just might work:

Valentine’s Day is coming up. You should hire a clown to deliver a singing telegram to your beau. That would be a nice jester to show you cared!

Ha ha ha ha


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