I’ve stopped crafting blog posts in my head

I used to go about my day having a nearly non-stop conversation with myself, crafting blog posts in my head about this or that or whatever was happening in the moment.

I’m not sure when it stopped, but I noticed I hadn’t been talking to myself much lately.

(Okay, maybe that’s a good thing.)

I tried to take up Crossfit today. I dropped by the gym to find out about scheduling and pricing, and the owner basically told me to go home because Crossfit is for “athletes and people who are very sports-minded.”

Ooooooooooooooooo that made me MAD.

Also, he informed me they don’t allow pushups from the knees in their gym. My friend, a Crossfit enthusiast, assures me this is NOT a hallmark of Crossfit everywhere, but sounds like this guy is just a jerk. I think I just didn’t look like an ideal client for his establishment, and so he did his best to hustle me out of there before one of his sports-minded regulars caught site of the baby-wearing mother in coloured denim.

(My new pink jeans are awesome, by the way).

I couldn’t get my thoughts together clearly or quickly enough to tell him his attitude is costing him business.

But I did gesture to the room of ergs and weight and resistance machines and gymnastic equipment and told him I was not intimidated. I even did a few whole pushups (from my toes!) But he insisted it wasn’t for beginners.

So I’ll keep my $130 a month. Wouldn’t want to pad his pocket anyway.

There’s a whole lot of inspirational/motivational crap out there about not making excuses for not exercising. But when morons (and supposed fitness professionals – he was sure to swagger about how he coached the 6 a.m. class) like this pull this crap, it kind of puts a damper on the drive to exercise.

(Dude, I’m up and raising kids by 5 every morning. Your 6 a.m. coaching session does not impress).

I’ll be okay. I’ve had craptastic coaches in the past. I can try another gym or just make my own training plan. I’ll be fine.

But what about the next person who walks in there and gets the same treatment, someone who really IS a beginner looking to get healthy? I really really hope that person doesn’t meet the dude I did today.


3 responses to “I’ve stopped crafting blog posts in my head

  1. Excuse the language that I’m about to use but WHAT AN ASSHOLE. I’m mad just reading that. Who does he think he is? And no, that is definitely not the mindset of Crossfit. Also, how is one supposed to move from beginner to whatever level he thinks you should be at if one isn’t allowed to work out. I’m so sorry this happened but you are most definitely better off somewhere else. I wish you could come to my boot camp because it’s pretty awesome but it would be a bit of a commute for you 🙂

    • Thanks, Sharon. I’ve also had offers from Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay, so I know this is just a bad seed. I had fun picking apart his website content with a friend last night so that helped some 😉 He’s unfortunately the only Crossfit shop in town, but I checked out two other gyms today that were much more welcoming and so I’m already almost over it. I even took in a free Zumba class. While it wasn’t the most strenuous workout I’ve ever done, it was pretty damn hilarious!

  2. I have told you already, but that makes me SO angry! Crossfit gyms are pretty independent (I don’t know the exact business model…|), so I guess there can be bad seeds out there. I have had great experiences, and from what I’ve heard I think your bad experience is more the exception, but that doesn’t solve anything!

    Of course, stellar coaching is also super important in crossfit because you’re doing technical weight lifting and stuff that can get you injured with bad form. Not saying that guy didn’t know his stuff, but I would be a bit leery of anyone with that sort of attitude providing the appropriate feedback, modifications, etc., especially for newbies.

    Next time you visit me we can go work out together :)!

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