(Wanting to be) sitting on the dock in the bay

It is not the right time to be thinking about a vacation.

And yet.

I’ve never been on a vacation.

Nothing beyond extended weekend road trips. And that’s ok! I love our mini breaks. I’ve often written about them. And given the choice of one vacation a year or several weekend getaways for the rest of my life, I would take the weekend trips without hesitation.

In university I would boast that our family vacations growing up were camping trips. They were awesome! I have great memories.

(I also remember a time I begged my parents for a trip the the exotic destination of Halifax. I priced it out, and tried to convince them we could take a family vacation for four all for the low, low cost of $500. This makes me laugh now, obviously, but oh, how I wanted that vacation!)

My friends are planning their fall and winter getaways – October or February trips down south, to get a break.

I like winter, and I certainly don’t want a break from the weather – ski season is too short to give up – and my life isn’t so hard that I need a break from the daily grind either.


Doesn’t a vacation sound nice?

Sitting on a deck or dock somewhere, no work, all play, a few hikes, a bit of shopping, some tasty food, maybe a day or two on a beach, or maybe a cruise. No cell phones, plenty of playgrounds?

Sounds nice.





Since I started writing this post, I began remembering all the vacations I have taken: Two Club Med holidays while living in France, but they don’t wholly count as I was nannying at the time. Two weeks in France and Germany at Christmastime with ma meilleur amie. Ten days in China avec la meme amie. Okay, I haven’t exactly been deprived now, have I? Forgive me, I’ll be back to my regularly-scheduled practicality shortly.


2 responses to “(Wanting to be) sitting on the dock in the bay

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  2. I think you should take another vacation to China. Bring the kiddos. We’ll make sure all involved are spoiled! (Including Mama!!)

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