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My anniversary

Whoops, look at that! I let my 3-year bloggerversary slip by yesterday without so much as a tip of the hat. I was too busy bellyaching about my supposed vacation-free life, which turns out hasn’t been so vacation-free after all.

So, Happy Bloggerversary to me! Perhaps I ought to take a celebratory trip?



(Wanting to be) sitting on the dock in the bay

It is not the right time to be thinking about a vacation.

And yet.

I’ve never been on a vacation.

Nothing beyond extended weekend road trips. And that’s ok! I love our mini breaks. I’ve often written about them. And given the choice of one vacation a year or several weekend getaways for the rest of my life, I would take the weekend trips without hesitation.

In university I would boast that our family vacations growing up were camping trips. They were awesome! I have great memories.

(I also remember a time I begged my parents for a trip the the exotic destination of Halifax. I priced it out, and tried to convince them we could take a family vacation for four all for the low, low cost of $500. This makes me laugh now, obviously, but oh, how I wanted that vacation!)

My friends are planning their fall and winter getaways – October or February trips down south, to get a break.

I like winter, and I certainly don’t want a break from the weather – ski season is too short to give up – and my life isn’t so hard that I need a break from the daily grind either.


Doesn’t a vacation sound nice?

Sitting on a deck or dock somewhere, no work, all play, a few hikes, a bit of shopping, some tasty food, maybe a day or two on a beach, or maybe a cruise. No cell phones, plenty of playgrounds?

Sounds nice.





Since I started writing this post, I began remembering all the vacations I have taken: Two Club Med holidays while living in France, but they don’t wholly count as I was nannying at the time. Two weeks in France and Germany at Christmastime with ma meilleur amie. Ten days in China avec la meme amie. Okay, I haven’t exactly been deprived now, have I? Forgive me, I’ll be back to my regularly-scheduled practicality shortly.

All of a sudden in Canmore

The kids and I had a pretty spectacular weekend camping in Canmore. I’d post pictures, but that would require digging out the card reader and that sounds like too much tech after a glorious (mostly) tech-free weekend.


When was the last time you spent three consecutive days entirely outside?

I feel like I got a complete reboot.

I only had one episode of panic of being outnumbered 2:1 by small, needy creatures, but I tempered my expectations and powered through. Plain boiled pasta is a perfectly acceptable supper when it is 11 p.m. and you are cooking on a single burner campstove with one baby on your back and another who apparently has night vision. She must – how else could she be navigating tree stumps and bushes like that in the dark?

We drove down (up?) to Canmore on Friday to encroach on my friend’s campsite. Pitched a tent, had a campfire singalong (OF COURSE) and shivered through the first night. Spent Saturday strolling downtown Canmore and soaking up tunes and folk-festival-feelgoodness. YES. Repeated it on Sunday with added rain (OF COURSE) and wrapped up the spectacular  weekend with pancake breakfast, dance workshop, and David Francey on Monday. Also, popsicles. Homemade, “artisan,” and so good I had to try every flavour. (Raspberry Hibiscus won out. OF COURSE).

There were random acts of high school acquaintances…

Said me to she: “You look like you’re having a lot of fun!”

Said she to me: “You look like you have a lot of responsibilities.”


There were random acts of Halifax musicians. Super Duper!

There were a billion Chariots in all directions.

There were bug bites and downpours and dancing. If it weren’t for the backdrop (towering mountains! Snow-capped peaks!) I could have been at the St. John’s Folk Festival. (Which is happening this weekend, y’all should go!)