I want a training partner

I paid too much money for a silly book for tracking workouts. Surprise surprise, I’m not exercising any more frequently because of it. it’s really hard to stick to a schedule by myself.

My friends in Alberta are not athletes, and while we have awesome playdates and barbeques, it’s just me and a Chariot full of kids on the trails. And that’s kind of lonely.


5 responses to “I want a training partner

  1. We can be virtual training buddies! Too bad the timing is a bit off though… I’m currently in the middle of a 63 day fitness challenge with a whole group of virtual training buddies around the world (15 I think). We’re doing the Insanity DVD program. I think it’s 10 or 11 DVDs total, and it comes with a schedule to follow. It’s a wicked cardio workout.

    Come September I will be doing my thang at the gym in Thunder Bay so we can be virtual training buddies then!

    • That is awesome, I can’t wait to hear how it all goes down. How did you meet up with them all?

      My days are not my own right now – too many little people waking up too often at night! And then wanting things like food and baths and trips to the park during the day. I am doing pretty good this past week – Made myself a sticker chart (ha!) and all I have to do to earn a sticker at the end of the day is to have moved my body in some way more strenuous than just chasing kids… Am rewarding myself with a day in the city if I get 5 stickers/week for the next 4 weeks. Ha….. how the mighty have fallen! lol

      • I came across it via social media… there are challenges starting all the time, just need to find a ‘coach’ that you like (more of a motivator/group administrator than a coach per se). We’re in the recovery week right now… things start ramping up on Monday!

        Yay sticker charts! You should come visit me in Tbay next year and we can workout together! Or we could meet mid-way in Winnipeg! Doesn’t my excessive use of exclamation marks make you want to book a ticket RIGHT NOW???!!!!

  2. I do all my training with my trainer virtually. But it’s the accountability that keeps me in check. You should definitely find a virtual partner and set goals for the week and you have to check in with each other when you’ve done them.

    • Right now I have a sticker chart by my bed… So far, 6 stickers in the last 8 days! haha… I have a hard time finding time to update my blog, let alone check in with a virtual training partner, but I know I could be doing more!

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