I’m planning a wedding!

There will be vows.

That’s about the only detail we have firmed up at this point because there are a number of variables we have to pin down before we make any deposits.

Things like location. I don’t mean a venue, I mean honest-to-God location. Will we be living in Alberta or Newfoundland? Where in Alberta? Will we have bought a new house? Because that will significantly inform the rest of the wedding, largely budget-wise. I don’t know about you, but I’d really rather take put a chunk of change on a down payment than rent a social hall and chair covers. And if we DO buy a house, will it have a yard nice enough to throw a party? Can a buy a dress from Sears? (Of course I can!) How will we serve the ice cream cake? (Long before Travis ever proposed, we agreed on having an ice cream wedding cake.)

I guess that makes two decided details. Vows and ice cream cake. Sounds like a wedding to me!

Oh, do you want to see my ring? Of course you do!

Engaged to be married

Engaged to be married

That’s a cherry wood ring with a Labradorite stone inlay. Labradorite is a mineral found in Labrador and Madagascar that catches brilliant blues and greens in the light. I love cherry wood and I wear Labradorite earrings almost every day, so it was a perfect choice. Travis sure knows how to pick them. Obviously.


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