Motherhood 2.0

Hey there!

I had a baby a few weeks ago, so things have been all eat-sleep-diaper-laundry-repeat around here. Note shower was not on that list. Baby is five and a half weeks old, and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve showered since she was born.

Ok I exaggerate.

…or do I?

Anyway, let me tell you a few things about motherhood 2.0

1. Every baby is different.

Who knew? Not me. Sure, they look alike, but the similarities end there.

2. Every labour is different.

I know, right? Sylvia’s was comically easy (relatively-speaking). Caroline’s knocked me sideways. Whaaaaat? I’ve recovered now, although the Chiropractor is still on speed dial.

3. Sleep when the baby slee…. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I slept hours when Sylvia was a newborn. Not consecutive hours, but a significant portion of the day. This time around? Not so much. At lease not since the grandparents left. I may get two three-hour stretches on a good night. And daytime naps are a thing of the past.

4. Placenta pills: Cannibalism or Best Thing Ever?

I’m firmly in the Best Thing Ever camp. I kept my placenta and had it dried and encapsulated. So every day I am eating a little bit of myself. It allows me to get by on less than six hours sleep, and it is amazing. Thanks to Natasha of Placenta Edmonton for doing the actual encapsulating. (She’s a Newfoundlander too!)

5. Two hands are not enough.

With every pregnancy, women should grow an additional arm too. That way you’ll always have one more hand than you have kids. And that way, you may stand a fighting chance of keeping the kids clothed, fed, entertained and out of harm’s way. May.

Meanwhile, Sylvia asked for vegetables and dip for breakfast yesterday. So 7 a.m. saw me peeling carrots into the kitchen sink. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on your kids, they go and ask for vegetables. For breakfast. Say whaaaaaat?


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