Monthly Archives: March 2013


We brought our new baby home from the hospital almost three weeks ago.

I brought a few additional hospital souvenirs – namely plastic tape goo all over my arms from the multiple (failed) IVs a team of nurses tried to stick me with post-delivery.

That goo is worse than tree sap to wash off.

Butter (not margarine) is the only cure for tree-sap covered hands, so Travis suggested I try it on the goo.

I  hopped in the shower with a palm full of butter and started to scrub.

No dice.

So I took up my Tval sugar scrub, and that didn’t to the trick either.

Then I tried my oatmeal body wash, and when THAT didn’t work I figured I had better cut my losses and go bake some oatmeal cookies.

And that’s pretty well where I’ve been the past three weeks – eating oatmeal cookies.

Which is totally acceptable because oatmeal does wonderful things for my milk supply.