Here, there, and everywhere

Let me tell you, it’s a lot of fun preparing for a baby on one side of the country when all your baby things are on the other side of the country.


For example:

Baby clothes – I can’t possibly justify buying new ones when there are BINS of the stuff sitting in Summerville.

Baby change table and pad – ditto.

Crib – likewise.

Bouncy Chair – I just gave in and bought a used one here.

Rocking chair or glider – Both are sitting unused in NL.

Bumbo – It’s so light it is worth getting shipped out, because that thing is GOLD.

Baby bathtub – At least that gives me an excuse to buy one of these nifty buckets.

And then there’s all the little reminders of Sylvia’s birth and early days, like her hospital bracelet and baby book and cards from friends and relatives. I know if I were in Summerville I’d be spending a lot of time going through those things and settling into nostalgia and memories of that wonderful sweet time. Oh sure, I’d be on a mad tear to get the spare room finished (and I mean finished. That’s the only room we didn’t touch when we undertook the Great Summerville Project of 2010, and there are still bare panels of drywall on one side, outright holes in the original walls, and peeling ceiling paint). But I’d be among familiar things at least.

We brought Sylvia home to a half-finished house and now we’re about to do it again for the second time.

I’m always the first to say you don’t need half the stuff on the Baby! Essentials! lists, so I don’t even know why my lack of preparation is distressing me. We’ve got diapers, and a bassinet. Everything else is a luxury, right?

I know. PERSPECTIVE. Mine must be lost in the mail.





2 responses to “Here, there, and everywhere

  1. We had one of those cute baby buckets for a while (didn’t love it actually). I just used the regular bathtub with next to no water, or the sink. Good enough, lol. And you are right and you will find your perspective, you don’t need much. Although cute outfits…maybe get those shipped?!

    • We seldom used the baby bathtub we did have for Sylvia, so you’re probably right that I hardly need the bucket at all. Thanks for the reality check 🙂

      And it’s just not as simple to get things shipped, because they are packed away in my house in NL, which isn’t exactly convenient for Purolator to collect… I know, now I’m making things up to obsess about!

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