Out to lunch, or perfectly reasonable? YOU DECIDE!

We have this wall hanging in our bedroom. It’s not exactly art – I stretched some IKEA printed fabric over a wooden frame, stapled down the edges and  called it done. Only the spruce boards I used to make the frame weren’t cut evenly. Instead of a nice square picture on the wall, we have an irregular quadrilateral.

asymmetrical wall hanging

The 2-foot square hanging is only out by an inch or so, and normal people may not even notice it. As a matter of fact, until yesterday it was little cause for concern for us either, because it hung on the wall adjacent to our bed. The out-of-line frame wasn’t as noticeable because we were looking at it from an angle.


Yesterday I rearranged furniture in the bedroom to make room for baby things, and the trapezoid/trapezium now hangs at the foot of our bed, where we can see it face-on every morning and night. I’m considering a fun social experiment in which I track Travis’s blood pressure until he rips it off the wall and chucks it out the window.

You have to understand – when we were renovating the Summerville Project, we wired about half the upstairs outlets before we installed the flooring. Once the flooring went down, those plugs sat 11 and a half inches above the floor. When we realized there was a difference of half and inch between the early round of plugs and those that were wired in after the floor was put down, (standard height is 12 inches) well we just had to go back and move the first 14 outlets up half an inch.

(If we had spent less time on levelling up outlets and light switch plates, the Summerville Project might be closer to being done by now, but I digress…)

We both come by this neurosis honestly. Travis has a relative who will take a screw driver around the house, ensuring the tiny screw heads affixing light plates to the wall are all pointing in the same direction. (Directly up and down). You should SEE my parent’s driveway after a snowfall – a single flake wouldn’t dare settle in the driveway after my father has meticulously shovelled. And asymmetrical necklaces drive me around the bend – just ask my former coworkers. Oh I get the ones that are made from all different beads and are DELIBERATELY asymmetrical, but the one that are just slightly irregular with one bead of a repeating pattern out of place? Let me get too close and I just might grab that necklace from around your neck and restring it for you, thus restoring harmony to the world.

The wall hanging is going to have to go.


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