Monthly Archives: December 2012

Stop buying so much stuff.

You know those clever sayings on magnets and wall-hangings? Things like Laugh Often or Dance Like No One Is Watching and other cringe-worthy inspirational sayings? Well this time of year another sort invariably crops up:

“One more ‘Deck the halls’ and Rudolph gets it”


“Ho ho…go to hell”

While I can’t stomach the inspirational mush on my own walls, I can appreciate their sentiment. The anti-Christmas ones just get my dander up.

Why all the hate on about Christmas? Too commercialized? Too busy? Too many obligations? Too much baking? Way too expensive to enjoy? Well guess what… Christmas is what you make it! You really can have an enjoyable Christmas. It’s simple:

Too commercialized? Stop buying stuff!

Too busy? Stay home!

Too many obligations? Say no!

Too much baking? Hit the bakery!

Way too expensive? Seriously. Just stop buying so much stuff.

We are not a church-going family. This is the first year Sylvia is aware there’s a tree in the living room and that Santa and his reindeer exist, so I’m trying to find a balance between the fun Christmas fantasies (Santa, reindeer, stockings, etc.) and the solemnity of Christmas (birth of Christ, kindness and generosity). Over-buying presents and tinsel doesn’t fit into my idea of either. (Although I do like to bake).

Hating Christmas for the trappings of your own making isn’t going to make your holiday any better. Start cutting out the less important things and soon you’ll have no room for anti-Christmas sayings, and way more opportunity for joy.