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A chilly boil-up


This post brought to you by I’m working full time and haven’t blogged in over a month, but my daughter is still cute so I’m going to post a picture in hopes of assuaging my blogging guilt.

Yes that’s Sylvia wrapped up in a down blanket, because it was a C-C-C-C-old day and took awhile to get the fire lit.

IMG_3771(Totally unrelated: Is anyone else as thrilled as I am that it’s November 30 and all those mustaches are coming off today?)


But once the fire was lit, it was a festival of hot dogs and tea, and a C-C-C-C-old hike back to the car.

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Over and out.



Florence, Paris, London, Cheltenham, Shanghai, Toronto, Florida, Mexico, and Cuba.

Those are all places close friends and family have travelled to this October and November.

Once upon a time, my passport had a similar itinerary.

Meanwhile, Sylvia just peed on the floor.  And not on any of the 965 square feet of laminate or linoleum in our house, oh no. On a section of the only 35 square feet of carpet in the whole place. Of course.

So in case you thought all was rosy over here in blogland, remember: just because we’re through with diapers doesn’t mean we no longer get up close and personal with bodily waste.

Mount Everest and other realistic goals

If you had asked me last week, I really thought I was closer to 20 than to 30. I have been happily ensconced in m imaginary “early-to-mid-twenties” delusion for some time. That is, until I met a client in my office this week who was 20 years old. She was born in 1992. Well it only took me a moment to realize that I am in fact much MUCH closer to 30.

Ouch. So, inspired by that, and by Speed Skating Mom’s first-ever skating meet and Tech Mommy’s amazing commitment to a half marathon, I too am going to scale great mountains and take on the world.

Except… I’ve got the not-so-little thing called a GIANT PREGNANT BELLY keeping me from truly training.

I’m kind of an all-or-nothing athlete. If I don’t have a concrete goal to work toward (like a finish line), I don’t stick with any kind of plan. Unless I can see my personal bests are improving, or my distances getting longer, I don’t stick with an exercise routine. Unfortunately, pregnancy kind of does the reverse – the minutes add on, and the distances get shorter. So I’m discouraged, even though I know there’s no way I could keep taking 3 min/week off my 1000m swim time.

Contradictions. I AM FULL OF THEM.

So no, I won’t be taking on the world this month. I did take Sylvia skating for the first time though!

In hindsight, teaching a toddler to skate is not the easiest activity in the world. Made less-so again by wearing speed skates at 5 months pregnant. But, I am nothing if not determined (most of the time). And my toddler, she was going to SKATE, damn it, and she was going to enjoy it.

 (She did both, of course.)

So my realistic fitness goals for the next six months or so are

1. Easy, healthy delivery (“easy” is a relative term, ok? So don’t go jumping all over me for that one.)

2. Look awesome for Maid-of-Honour duties at Claire’s wedding.

Get back to me in 6 months for an update on my mountain – it probably won’t be a speed skating meet or a half marathon, but I’ll have something in mind.