Monthly Archives: October 2012

A walk in the winter woods

Last Saturday we took Sylvia to the cross country ski trails for their annual fun run.

Go go go!

We called it Sylvia’s first race, but this is actually the third race she’s been in. Once on skis in her Chariot, another time in the Chariot on wheels. But this is the first race where she got her own number.

Of course she got tired and had to be carried, but she did cross the finish line on her own two feet.

She had a great time.

“Daddy, pick me up!”

I’m so glad we can do these things all together!

As it turns out, winter is here. Like, for real. None of that annoying freeze-thaw cycle that drives winter-lovers absolutely batty in Newfoundland. True winter! There is frost in the ground, and snow every morning. Not enough yet to ski, but enough to keep the the promise of skiing and snowshoeing in the air.