What do handbags and TV have in common?

Remember my ridiculous run in with customer “service” at Southtown Hyundai earlier this summer?  (I don’t use sarcastic quotation marks lightly, so you know it must have been a real runaround). Well I would like to reset the balance. Turns out, good customer service can and does exist!

Last December I bought a beautiful ESPE handbag all for myself. I really dithered over buying it because it wasn’t cheap, and I had just quit my job. But it was just so beautiful I ultimately couldn’t resist. It became my most treasured accessory and I carried it often, at least as often as I could. Sylvia’s diaper bag was still doubling as my purse most days, so my shiny new indulgence didn’t get out as much as I would have liked.

So when I first noticed some wear in the Spring I was so sad! And it deteriorated so quickly that by June I e-mailed ESPE to ask about repair or replacement services. After exchanging a few e-mails with the ever polite Michael, ESPE offered to replace my bag with a brand new one. It arrived in less than  a week, and it is just a beautiful as the first time I saw it last December.

Ta-Da! Customer service that WORKS .
Know who else I’ve been impressed with lately? CTV and their online Olympic coverage. But more than that – whoever is managing their Twitter feed! I twice asked a question on twitter, never really expecting a reply, and within minutes had a response to my query! I know people across North America were complaining about time-delay and lapse broadcasting, but we were able to see everything we ever wanted online, as soon as we liked. Four years ago I bought a TV just so I could watch the Olympics. We don’t have one now, and after the London games I don’t think I’ll ever need one again.



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