Monthly Archives: August 2012

A newsy blog post

I haven’t been blogging much at all lately. Not even in my head. I’ve been busy. I started a new job, we’ve been looking for a new place to live, and we are  expecting a new baby! So yes, lots of things on my mind.

This summer the heat has been oppressive. Hot and humid with no relief at night either. It was particularly unbearable due to all the super rad first trimester symptoms. I won’t list them, because YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. Anyway, these past couple of days have brought long-overdue respite. It’s been 20 degrees and windy. Autumn is in the air. We celebrated with a daytrip to Pembina River Provincial Park.

Sylvia loves her hiking boots.

This park is a treasure, and only 30 minutes from home. Can’t believe we haven’t discovered it until now! There is a large campground, and a separate day-use area with hiking trails and a big riverbank for exploring. It is a popular for swimming and tubing on hot days, but we had the place almost all to ourselves.

Throwing rocks in the water

It was clean and quiet and absolutely restful. We had a picnic lunch of watermelon (naturally) and fresh homemade pretzels. (Oh my goodness I’ve made them three times in a week, go try them right now! But use way less flour than the recipe calls for, you only need about 3.5-4 cups in all. And use quick yeast so you don’t need to sit around all day waiting for the dough to rise. Somewhat labour intensive, but so SO worth it.)

We did find a new house – a small farmhouse, complete with yard and swing set. Not a permanent place, but another rental until we move home to NL for real and for good next spring. Hopefully. The house also comes with a deep freezer, which means our trip home next month will count two or three coolers among our luggage, and as much cod, moose, caribou and crab as WestJet will allow.


What do handbags and TV have in common?

Remember my ridiculous run in with customer “service” at Southtown Hyundai earlier this summer?  (I don’t use sarcastic quotation marks lightly, so you know it must have been a real runaround). Well I would like to reset the balance. Turns out, good customer service can and does exist!

Last December I bought a beautiful ESPE handbag all for myself. I really dithered over buying it because it wasn’t cheap, and I had just quit my job. But it was just so beautiful I ultimately couldn’t resist. It became my most treasured accessory and I carried it often, at least as often as I could. Sylvia’s diaper bag was still doubling as my purse most days, so my shiny new indulgence didn’t get out as much as I would have liked.

So when I first noticed some wear in the Spring I was so sad! And it deteriorated so quickly that by June I e-mailed ESPE to ask about repair or replacement services. After exchanging a few e-mails with the ever polite Michael, ESPE offered to replace my bag with a brand new one. It arrived in less than  a week, and it is just a beautiful as the first time I saw it last December.

Ta-Da! Customer service that WORKS .
Know who else I’ve been impressed with lately? CTV and their online Olympic coverage. But more than that – whoever is managing their Twitter feed! I twice asked a question on twitter, never really expecting a reply, and within minutes had a response to my query! I know people across North America were complaining about time-delay and lapse broadcasting, but we were able to see everything we ever wanted online, as soon as we liked. Four years ago I bought a TV just so I could watch the Olympics. We don’t have one now, and after the London games I don’t think I’ll ever need one again.