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First and last time on an obstacle course


Highlights of the Calgary Stampede, in pictures

Our 6-hour visit to the Calgary Stampede can be summed up in just a few words: Hot. Expensive. Crowded. Crazy.

But four words does not a blog post make, so here are the photographic highlights of the day. I swear we saw some horses too, but somehow they weren’t as memorable as everything else.

Folding chairs in the grandstand. More entertaining than the children’s entertainment, more affordable than the midway. What’s not to love?

Butt kerchiefs. That’s the technical term, right?


Sheep on the trot.

An Australian Red Heeler.

Blue eyes. (I’m the odd one out in this family).

Yours Truly in a white Smithbilt.

Yellow. Sometimes called by it’s other name, Canola.

The milkshake on the way home.

It was pretty well the Regatta on steroids, as far as the midway games and rides went. And like 10,000 Regattas, it is mostly about the midway and the games of chance and the deep-fried food (cheesecake, anyone?) except for the few hundred people who are actually rowing in the, you know, regatta part of things. It would be easy to believe the Stampede is all about dusting off your best white cowboy hat and winning gaudy plush toys. The sport seems to have taken a backseat to the lineups and over-indulgence of the midway. But the real reason the event happens is because of the rodeo that has been taking place in Calgary for 100 years. We didn’t get to see any bull riding or barrel racing, unfortunately. Admission to the rodeo arena was several times what we paid for our hotel the night before. Instead, we’re heading to the regional rodeo here this weekend. I anticipate considerable fewer crowds and somewhat more authenticity.