Meanwhile, in my sister’s life….

My sister Sarah, who I’ve written about before, celebrates her 30th birthday today.

Happy birthday, Sarah!

To celebrate, her partner in crime life secured tickets to the Royal Ascotfor the Royal Enclosure, naturally.

Sarah once sported a homemade duct-tape dress to a fancy gala, but today she will have to be more restricted.  You see, the Royal Enclosure comes with its own strict dress code.

Dresses and skirts should be of modest length.

No bare midriffs.

Straps must be at least one inch wide.

Hats must have a base width of at least four inches (no fascinators).

(Frankly, if I can’t wear a fascinator, I’m not interested.)

You can see the entire Royal Style Guide here.

In the mean time, stand by for a full report of the Royal Ascot, courtesy of my wacky charming sister in the form of a guest post on Sunday.

Because this blog refuses to be pigeonholed!


One response to “Meanwhile, in my sister’s life….

  1. I met Will and Kate during their Canadian tour last summer. The dress code was intimidating. Pantyhose? Closed-toe shoes? No hats after a certain hour?

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