Listening: a $12,000 glass of water

It was a noisy day.

Also: expensive.

But let’s talk about the noise.

Last week there was a diesel drilling rig. A miniature version of the towers that mare the rural landscape in Alberta.

Today, there was a backhoe digging in 4-ft ditch around my house. Shuffling dirt and clay to one side, beeping as it backed up and creaking as it swivelled on its axis.

Then there was the hammering coming from the sunroom roof. It was in desperate need of new shingles, so we took advantage of the heat of the day.

I was doing the hammering, so I had a birds-eye view of the excavation, pipe-laying and electrical work. I also got to hear the men discuss how to avoid the sewer, whether they had enough wire and what to do with all that scrap lumber. It was the perfect place to be – perched atop the roof. I was out of the way, but could still see and hear all the action.

And finally, at the end of the day there was the sound of running water.

Grey, cloudy water.

But it will soon run cool and clear.

And that will be the sweetest sound of all.

Today: Listening

And that’s a wrap! Check out to link to dozens of other bloggers spinning their own stories of Change, Words, Pictures, Age and Listening.

This was fun!


2 responses to “Listening: a $12,000 glass of water

  1. So much effort, so much work, but to parched body, it must be music to your ears.

  2. Sarah @ Momalom

    There is no sound as nurturing to me as that of running water. It calms my soul. May you water run clear and cool this day.

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