Something must be done.

We’re home! In our very own tiny house.

My first impression upon walking in was, we have so much stuff!

Living out of a suitcase for four months certainly reduces your necessary belongings to the bare minimum.

We packed for a 3-month stay in Alberta. I tried to emulate Rachel of Small Notebook and her 3-month packing list, and while I think I brought a little less than her for the regular wardrobe, My ski gear more than made up the rest.

So one look in my NL closet was like marching into the WEM! Or at least that’s how it felt. I immediately grabbed about four dozen items and put them directly in bags to donate.

The same goes in the bathroom. We have so many hair accessories and spare towels and bath toys. In the front porch there are no fewer than 17 coats and jackets – with an additional eight in the spare closet upstairs.

Let me be perfectly clear: our house is less than 1,000 square feet! What the hell are we doing with all this stuff?

I’ve been trying to consistently cut back on our belongings for over a year. I made a pretty good dent before Christmas (or so I thought) but clearly that wasn’t enough.

Twenty-five coats and jackets! There are only two of us! Yeesh. From where I’m sitting I can count an additional eight belonging to Sylvia. The outerwear alone is out of hand.

Next to go will be a considerable number of stuffed animals, footwear and half our dinner plates (see: small house, tiny kitchen; frequency of hosting large dinner parties = never).

Hey, it’s two degrees outside. Staying home and simplifying sounds like a perfect grey Monday activity.


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