Towering heels and a photographic journey through time

Can you believe I ever wore these shoes:

That's me on the right.

Neither can I. But there’s the proof. The occasion was an outdoor wedding last summer, and while I instantly regretted the foolish footwear the moment I stepped off the paved walkway, I don’t regret that nail polish for a second.

Here’s the rest of the outfit:

Is wearing the same colour as the bridemaids a wedding faux pas? If so, I'm guilty as charged.

That’s my sister on the left. Somehow she pulls off four inch heels with much more class. She also made that dress she’s wearing. My sister is talented.

Our camera situation in DV is ongoing, so all our photos over the past few months have been cell phone specials. This morning I stole Travis’ mini SD from his phone to download our Mother’s Day pictures, and in doing so unearthed a whole host of photos I haven’t seen in ages, if at all..

Exhibit A:

Counter balance.
(The penguin hasn't learned the art of counter balance yet)

Exhibit B:

Codfish. Mmmmmmmm.

Exhibit C:

Sylvia's crazy about recycling

Exhibit D, E, F, etc…

That's a carrot that grew THROUGH a beer bottle collar!

That's a baby and a bear... rug.

Baby goes fishing, naturally.

This makes me giggle.
With advertising like that, it's a wonder those "crock's" weren't selling like hotcakes!

Baby picks raspberries. It kills me that we won't be home for raspberry season this year.

We will, however, be taking in a few trips to Tickle Cove.

I have over a thousand photos on my own phone, but I can’t quite bring myself to delete any of them. Even though I have copies on my computer, there’s nothing better than scrolling through two years worth of snapshots to pass the time while the kettle boils, to see what you thought was worth snapping a picture of over the past month or year. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the memory card. I think my phone will wear out long before the photos do.


3 responses to “Towering heels and a photographic journey through time

  1. This last picture? Shreds all that crazy “advice” in the rural parenting blog post. Clearly she has the very best 🙂

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