Today is mother’s day, because I said so.

We were having such a great day yesterday that by 11 a.m. I declared it my Mother’s Day for 2012.

Easter Sunday family hike portrait. Sylvia appears less than impressed.

We’re not going to be together for actual Mother’s Day (which is when, by the way?) so this worked out great because there were no expectations – and the day was half over before I declared it so. It started with a lie-in, then breakfast in bed, then a family hike and boil up, and an afternoon cooking and baking – roast and veg, blueberry muffins and power muffins.

It ended with a game of Scrabble, where I took the game with a satisfying 360 points. That’s a Mother’s Day to remember.


3 responses to “Today is mother’s day, because I said so.

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  2. I love those days!

    • Best day ever. Only bad part was we don’t have our regular Scrabble board in AB, so I didn’t get to sign a square… (We sign our names to the board whenever we win, because we’re not competitive at ALL.)

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