Into the great unknown (world of beauty products and cockroaches)

I’m feeling a little bit out of my comfort zone.

All because of this:

Homesick in a jar

What is it?

It’s a body scrub tub.

And it’s empty.

I buy it from Tval, been using it exclusively for two years, and I love it.

And now I’m 6,000km away from procuring more.

When I’m away from home, it’s the little things, like body scrub, I miss most.

The big things come with me: Sylvia, Travis, my cell phone and an Internet connection to every other important person in my life. I can still watch Doyle on Wednesday nights, and I can keep in touch with my training buddy in real time. But I can’t swing in to Tval and pick up some more body scrub or Sylvia’s favourite bubble bath.

I miss my dutch oven. I miss my cast iron fry pan. I miss my fiberglass baking mat. I miss the brass upholstery buttons on our second-hand couch. I miss the 600-meter walk to the post office and the inevitable chat about the weather with the postmistress. I miss the knots in our pine ceiling.

I don’t necessarily miss the draught through the walls or the never-ending appetite of the beast, but I miss the familiarity of home.

Newfoundland was once featured in an Archie Comic for being allergen-free. Mr. Lodge (Veronica’s dad) suffered from hayfever, and Dilton (the little smart guy) recommended he take a trip to Newfoundland where the air is clear. This is not entirely true. Those with sensitivities to pollen will be affected in early summer, but I guess it’s not as potent as other places? Maybe the swift ocean breeze blows the airborne irritants out to sea.

However, Newfoundland is also lacking in cougars, black widow spiders, cock roaches and rattle snakes. I can be reasonably sure that any insect bite I sustain in NL will be non life-threatening. Likewise, the animal life to be relatively harmless.

We have no skunks, racoons or porcupines. No poisonous snakes, no ROUS’s.

Until very recently, we were immune from Lyme disease. Heck, even the syphilis outbreak has been confined to the maritimes.

Newfoundland: The best place on earth!

So to be all of a sudden having to weigh the likelihood of a cougar encounter before heading out to ski is unsettling. And that empty jar of body scrub is a a very tangible reminder that I’m not in Kansas Newfoundland anymore.

But dividing my time between Newfoundland and Alberta now means embracing oil country for half the year. If that means harnessing a bear bell to Sylvia’s Chariot on the ski trails, then so be it.

Likewise having to do the rounds of natural body scrubs manufactured in Alberta.

Like I said, it’s the little things.


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