I did something today that I haven’t done for a very, very long time. Perhaps ever.

I threw a pair of my jeans in the tumble-dryer… on purpose.

They’ve been sitting pretty loosely around my waist for some time, so instead of taking them from the washing machine to the drying rack, I tossed them in the dryer hoping to snug them up a bit.

But when the warm-air cycle had finished, they were still loose and ill-fitting.

I think these jeans are officially Too Big.

They will bypass my closet and go directly to the donation bin.


Shouts out to my long-distance training partner in NL! I owe my new jean size to your text messages and virtual high fives.


9 responses to “Results.

  1. Fun! I too have a long distance training partner, and the result has been lost weight and muscle tone. Though now my jeans fit just right and not too snug. I’ll take it!

    More on my running partner here:

    • Hey, Colleen! I read that post of yours last week. It’s not the same as a personal trainer, but definitely the next best thing – you can’t feed off each other’s laziness from across the country! Instead you’ve got to get it done, and I feel so bad when I report back that I didn’t get out that day…

      Heading out now for a 5k with the jogging stroller 🙂 Go! Go!

      Laura B.

  2. That is an awesome moment!

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