Reading reccomendations from a toddler

We went to the library the other night.

Sylvia is still more interested in pulling books off shelves and playing with the toys than actually reading or choosing stories to take home, but I persist because one day I know something will click and she’ll contentedly sit and read. Won’t she? I mean, she finally started sleeping through the night and stopped nursing – two things that at the time felt like she was going to do FOREVER – so I assume the library will eventually be a pleasant place to visit instead of the Nascar rally it is right now.

After we had our books and were ready to go, the children’s librarian (who is also the program coordinator and all-around friendly person) convinced me to stay for a writers’ forum.

“Oh Sylvia can play in the corner, and if she gets tired of it you can just slip out!” she told me.

How one “slips out” of a quiet room with a wriggly toddler, I don’t quite know. But I believed her.

Sylvia did stay quiet as people arrived and settled their coats on the backs of their chairs, but as soon as the guest author opened his mouth, all bets were off.

“What do you mean I’m not the center of attention?” is what I’m sure she was thinking as as she crumpled plastic cups, demanded water and squawked the indignity of having to play quietly.

So we left before it really truly began.

And that’s ok, because we had a bagful of books waiting for us at the counter. We bundled ourselves into our winter boots and headed home.

It wasn’t until the next morning when I was going through the library books that I noticed the selection we had brought home:

Home Remedies for Seniors
Goodnight Moon (we own several copies already)
And a lift-the-flap book with no flaps.

Turns out, cruising the stacks with a toddler can really broaden your reading horizons.


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