New Year’s resolutions

Sylvia and I went for a ski yesterday:

First ski of 2012

(This is the only photo I was able to grab before my phone battery died.)

Despite the head cold, it was a great ski. The altitude that knocked me flat last year didn’t bother me at all. Could be I was too distracted by the deer (deer!) darting across the trail, or the stunning views of the North Saskatchewan River valley. Could be my New Year’s resolutions* are paying off. Either way, I had the perfect wax (Blue Extra) and and even better skiing companion. When we got back to the chalet, Sylvia opened her eyes (she had been napping) and said “Moar! Moar ksski!” (Translation: “More ski!”)*

The end of January is a good time to talk about New Year’s Resolutions, don’t you think? Because you only need to admit to the ones you’ve kept up.
I have two resolutions/goals for 2012.

1. Do something – anything – active every day.
So far I’m at about 97 per cent. Saturday really threw me for a loop because the head cold positively flattened me. It continues to make my life miserable, but I’ve been upright for 8 hours already today so things are looking up.

2. Do something – anything – towards advancing my freelance contracts or professional goals every day.
This is especially important now that I’ve quit my job. I now have time to do all those things I couldn’t do with a full time job, I just have to make sure I do them. Tiny steps are easier to handle than massive projects, which is why I have a daily goal rather than an annual thing. So far I’m at about 80 per cent, but we had a road trip and a week without Internet. This should be up to 90 per cent by the end of February.

*This marks Sylvia’s fourth phrase to date. The others were:
“Hi, Dad!”
“Mom and Dad.”
“More books.”

So far that’s a pretty good start.

Also, it kills me that she sounds like a lolcat. Tee hee.


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