Thursday roundup

It occurred to me my About page is woefully out of date. I updated it.

And then I registered for a blogging conference, because all the cool kids are doing it.

I’m struggling with the notion that I am not cool enough for a blogging conference. On the other hand, it’s three nights in a fancy hotel. At least, fancier than I usually go for on Hotwire.

And then I read a bunch of awesome posts by a bunch of awesome people, but the one that sticks with me is Stop Calling My Daughter Skinny, by Maija.

I have a daughter, and I want her to be strong and healthy. When I was eight, I don’t believe I knew what skinny or fat was as it applied to people. I was well into my 20s before I even considered my shape was something I should pay attention to. I always thought my body was for swimming and cycling and making babies. That other people might be appraising it never occurred to me.

(I have lots of flaws, but a lack of self esteem is not one of them. Thank you, Mom and Dad.)

I want Sylvia to grow up the same way. Strong, healthy and at ease.

However, this post by Alice Bradley: On Being an Object and Then Not Being an Object reminds me that at ease will probably be the bigger challenge. Because while I can exert the most influence over how she will perceive herself, I’ve got no control over how the world will treat her.

Finally, I spent several glorious days in Edmonton with Claire. Antics ensued. Full report to come.

Until then, Sylvia thinks nature is awesome. You should too.

Winter delight


2 responses to “Thursday roundup

  1. Laura,

    You are definitely cool enough to attend a blogging conference! Looking forward to seeing you there.

    Thank you for the blog love!


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