Kobo and DV first impressions

So remember how last week I was all enamoured with my Kobo?

Yeah, not so much.

I bought my first in St. John’s on Dec. 27. It was blue. I exchanged that one for a green model in Sault St. Marie on Jan. 4. I exchanged THAT one for a black version in Medicine Hat on Jan. 7, in part because the store manager told me “we don’t seem to get as many returns on the black ones.” Well, this one is going back. And this time I’ve trading it in for a different model altogether. E-reader suggestions in the comments welcome.

We’ve arrived in Drayton Valley, where their unique downtown “sculpture” makes me feel like the whole town is under construction, or possibly envious of the Centre Georges Pompidou. (Photos to come). It took me a couple passes of main street to get the gist of it – this is oil country and they’re paying homage to the derricks and oil wells that keep them here.

There are oil wells everywhere. We went to a playground yesterday, and between the jungle gym and the swimming pool there was a pump jack nodding away. Another next to a ball field, three more in the farmer’s field just a few hundred meters from our front door.
Whenever I’m somewhere new I have hyper-vision, in that I notice everything. (Except where Royal Bank is, because apparently I drove past it twice today while looking for it…). So I notice the pump jacks, how many, what colour, and how fast they are siphoning oil from the ground.

My first impression of Drayton Valley is easy: Not so nice as Rocky Mountain House. But it’s growing on me. The pool is very warm and welcoming. The Child Care Centre is amazing. Too bad we can’t take advantage of it, but it pleases me to know all the local families have such a wonderful option for childcare. I have yet to discover the cross-country ski trails, because DV is in a state of winter denial. (But oh! look! It’s snowing RIGHT NOW. How timely!).

We’re living slightly outside of town, which means we won’t be doing as much daily errands in the Chariot as we did last year, but I have access to lots of quiet running routes.

Pro: I don’t need to take off the distance of my runs in the car, because all the Township roads are 1 mile, or 1.6 km, apart! (Twerp roads, I like to call them. Travis loves it when I do that.)

Con: I can see just how long it’s taking me to run that 1.6 km, and it’s a lot longer than I’d like.

All in all, Drayton will serve very nicely as our temporary home. The altitude is still kicking my ass, however.


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