Notes from the road

I love my new Kobo Vox, but the touch keyboard is especially tiny and fiddly. I wrote a whole (ok, brief) post last night and lost it. Grrr. Tonight I’m using a real computer, but with an equally fiddly roll-up keyboard. Bear with me.

Today was day three of our grand cross-country adventure.

In numbers: 3 days. 4.5 provinces. 1 ferry.

Highlights: Magnetic Hill. Sylvia steering the car onto the ferry. Hours wondering what fun might await at Thunderland Funpark. Seriously. Thunderland. Is it a rock band or an amusement park? We’ll never know.

Lesson learned: Any lofty ideas you might have had regarding never giving your toddler juice will be tossed. Twice in one day.

Pro tip: make sure you reserve your ferry crossing for the correct direction. It makes it easier to get where you are going.

Aiming for The Soo tomorrow. I’m enjoying tracing (in reverse) Paddle To The Sea’s journey. Regular readers will be thrilled to know Sylvia shouts “Big Rig!” at least 40 times day.


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