My baby climbs rocks, scales mountains

I now know exactly how my parents probably felt every time I scaled a tree, cliff, fence, swing set, etc...

Our most recent hike was a jaunt to the King’s Cove lighthouse, one of our go-to hikes when people are visiting from away. It is an easy walk to the main attraction (the lighthouse) but the return trip can be as short or as long as you’d like to make it. And the cliffs and rocks nearby just beg to be explored every time we go.

There’s a reason we always go off the beaten path in King’s Cove. There are caves. Somewhere. According to the local lore we’ve gathered, they are “as big as a Parish hall.” We know they haven’t been visited in decades, and their entrance was obscured by stone and brush even then. Our trips to King’s Cove always take a while, but so far they’ve been disappointingly cave-free.

Someday, we will find them.

(Or at least have a lot of fun trying.)

The trail suffered some damage at the hands of Hurricane Igor last year, which makes for a bit of a bumpy ride for any Chariot passengers. The first part of the trail (to the lighthouse and back) is still passable, even if your charming guests brought no footwear beyond wedge sandals or flip flops to Newfoundland.

(On this recent hike we had the pleasure to be joined by another adventuring family, and sensible shoes were worn by all. Got to get in shape for ski season which is right around the corner! You had better believe it.)


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