The restorative powers of fresh air. And bread.

Oh hey there!

Do you ever find yourself with a ton of blog ideas, but nowhere near a computer? (Reason number 98 that I need a smartphone…) That’s been me over the past few weeks.

I’m all, “I’ll write about this tonight!”
Then tonight comes and I’m all, “Zzzzzzz…..” instead.

So, a round-up:

I wrote a guest post over here at Mountain Mama Tales last week. That’s where you can read all about Sylvia’s first camping trip! (Spoiler alert: it was awesome). You can also browse Mountain Mama Tales for adventures in, you guessed it, the mountains, along with healthful recipes and chances to win outdoor-mama gear.

There was a provincial election. There were no great surprises, but I was brought back to an election 12 years ago when I was at what we thought was going to be a victory party. I remember the mood in the room building… building…building… then tanking. It was a peculiar feeling at the time, because I didn’t know the candidate personally, nor was I old enough to vote. Though I had a fairly good grasp on what it was all about, I was still on the fringes of the night. I remember walking home later, and loosing my sunglasses en route. (Damn, those were nice sunglasses – I found them several weeks later smashed to bits in the parking lot). I don’t know what I’ll remember in twelve years’ time from this election. Wasting my beer on the bar, soaking my notebook and threatening my camera? Driving between candidates’ headquarters as the results came in? Or spending mere minutes with Sylvia that day because I was too damn busy at work. Only time will tell.

Sylvia’s had the sniffles this week, so I stayed home with her on Wednesday. I was able to work form home, in between snuggles and nursing sessions. We took a couple walks outside, and by evening her runny nose was all cleared up.

I believe in the restorative powers of fresh air. And in dressing my daughter in as many colourful clashing patterns as possible.

Must dash. My bread needs to be punched down and divided into pans. We’re heading out on a family hike shortly. It is a beautiful fall day and I want fresh bread and squash soup to come home to.


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