Monthly Archives: September 2011

Hey big winner

Do good things come in threes? If so, I have high high hopes for Sylvia’s first camping trip this weekend.

You see, first we won $10 on the lottery. Sure, it was no $21 million, but it was still a return on investment. We’ve now won on 50 per cent of the lottery tickets we’ve bought. Who else has those kinds of odds? We’re going to quit while we’re ahead.

Next, Travis won a satellite dish. Big whoop. I believe the satellite company was the real winner here for getting to explain to me how exactly satellite television works. It’s not every day I’ll sit through that kind of lecture! Their marketing manager should consider himself very lucky. I’m sure it’s not every day he gets to call prizewinners only to have them say “What? Why? But what will I do with it?” (If the ALC called with $21 million I’d have had a different answer).

So all things are looking good for our weekend camping trip. It’s going to be a girly weekend: Two moms. Two babies. Buckets of fun!

I’ve been packing all week. Sylvia is going to sleep in the very same sleeping bag I slept in on my early camping trips. I’ve even got a knot tied in it so she can’t slip to the foot of the bag, the same way my parents did for me several decades ago. Her rain suit, my rain suit, therm-a-rests, the greatest tent of all. It’s so exciting because there’s no way she can understand what we’re going to be doing this weekend until we get there. Outside, 24/7? It will blow her tiny little baby mind.