Monthly Archives: August 2011

A paddle on Indian Arm

So this afternoon we set out berry picking. In canoe. From our new beach*!

We heard there were blueberries ripe, and while the patch is a scant 10-minute walk from our house, it is a much more pleasurable 10-minute paddle and 5-minute walk.

We didn’t quite get there. First there was an encounter on the high seas. Sylvia just had to say hi to Gran and Pop.

Then there were a couple of seaweed channels to check out, and a cave to investigate, and some coral to photograph.

Then it turned out the berry patch wasn’t quite so accessible by boat, so we thought we’d dart across the arm and poke around the shore we see from afar (our living room window) but never up close.

Turns out, the waterfall that GUSHES after a rain isn’t much of a waterfall after all.

But check out the beach!

We’ve dubbed them both Scrabble Falls and Scrabble Beach. Obviously.

There was also a peculiar tree that resembled a moose head at first glance.

Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be a dead bird.

Then it moved.

Eventually, it got annoyed with our presence and flew away, enough for us to positively identify it as a young eagle.

Maybe. But why was it hanging out with its wings draped like that? The mysteries one encounters in a canoe**!

Eventually we made our way to another berry patch. Raspberries, or as Sylvia likes to call them, “Kkrrrlllls.”

We picked our fill of Sylvia’s patience, and headed home.

We paddled right up the the front door!

We cooked over an open fire and tended to my sun burn before bed. What a day.

*New beach created by cribbing of new sewer outfall, required by installation of new septic tank, which made possible the removal of debris left by that Nor’easter after Christmas that rendered our well inoperable, which made the beach a nice place to hang out. All this to say, the small breakwater has created for us a tiny sandy beach, ideal for launching the canoe. And it’s been a very expensive summer.

**Turns out, eagles drape their wings like that to cool off on particularly hot days. Isn’t nature