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The morning after

Dawn breaks over the battle ground.

Dozens of bodies are strewn about, smashed beyond recognition in a crust of human blood.

I survey the scene: we brought in heavy artillery, but the enemy put up an unrelenting fight. The walls are marked with blood and guts; our own bodies are erupting in welts, bearing signs of heavy fire.

It started as a stealth attack shortly after 10 p.m., but soon their ranks grew to a full blown blitz.

Travis tried the ambush approach, luring the enemy to him then delivering a fatal blow. I went on the offensive attack, seeking out their resting places and walloping them into oblivion.

Sylvia, while still too young to participate in the bloodbath, did her part by presenting herself as a moving target. From lying down to standing to our bed and back to the crib… she kept the enemy guessing as the battle raged all night and into the wee hours…

It’s clear this is a war to be fought in the trenches. No Ultraviolet zapper or oscillating fan is any match for these tenacious opponents.

Even as I type, stalwarts of the foe dive-bomb my bare legs and tangle in my hair, boldly seeking exposed flesh and vein.

We may have lost the battle, but we’ll win the war.

These bloodsuckers only have three weeks to live.

This one won't be bothering anyone again.



You know, I really wouldn’t mind the caplin weather so much if we had some actual caplin to show for it:

And now he view from the same window, last year:

Hello, old car!

It was so hot that day, we had to give Sylvia a cool sponge bath:

The secret

1. Home fries, tossed with a wee bit of tahini before baking, are divine. Seriously. Slice those potatoes, smoosh some tahini over them, then bake ’em, baby. Adds a certain crispiness never before achieved in home fries.

2. My back. My BACK. My back is in knots. This is embarrassing. I don’t do back pain.

3. My baby is the sweetest baby in the history of babies, boasting more cuteness per square millimeter than all other babies combined. Including yours. Sorry.

4. It’s 11:30 p.m., and the wind is blowing through the house.

5. Happy Daddy’s Day!

Sun salutations

Last weekend my mother-in-law asked me if the tree in my front garden was budding yet.

I told her the truth: I have been too busy to notice.

I don’t like this version of myself, the one who doesn’t even see the leaves on the trees.

I do sit ups and push ups and stretches on the living room floor every morning, looking out past the tree and across the water. My morning routine has become another chore to rush through, my mind busy with so many other things, rather than the relaxing, energizing ritual it is supposed to be.

So this morning I noticed. Yes, the leaves are on the trees and the rhubarb is almost gone to seed! Soon be time to harvest. I sense a rhubarb pie in my future.

The best part of my day…

…was taking Sylvia for her first bike ride.

The worst part of my day was all the bug bites sustained.

one-word Thursday

Blah blah blah blah blah blah


I got my hair cut this week.

Every time I go to a salon, it’s the same old thing. I want a trim, long layers, and nothing I can’t reproduce at home.

“Your hair is so thick!” is always the opening line.

Followed by, “Wow! You’ve got such thick hair!”

Then, “Has it ever been coloured?” No. “VIRGIN hair!? That’s rare, especially in Newfoundland*.”

But yesterday was a first – the stylist actually called over her coworkers to have them grasp handfuls of my hair so they could appreciate for themselves just how thick my hair is.

So yeah, I’ve got thick hair.

But thickness and virginity aside, my hair is relatively easy to handle. I get it thinned every so often, to keep the blow-drying time under 20 minutes.

I felt bad for the stylist though. She spent a good 10 minutes arranging each strand, though I explicitly said I wanted a ‘do I could run my hand through and be done with. It lasted about 3 minutes outside before it was blown away by the wind, anyway. I didn’t want to undo all her hard work, but at the end of the day it is my hair.

In other news, I’m going to a wedding tomorrow. A high school friend is getting married. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone all dressed up. It’s calling for rain, but that’s supposed to be good luck. (Something about a wet knot being harder to untie). Times like these really make me realize how poorly I’ve kept in touch with old friends. I used to send so many letters and cards (go ahead and blame the Canada Post strike on me) and generally did a better job staying connected. Life is so busy now, especially with a baby. I used to see everyone whenever I went to town, but these days I’ve got a shopping list and family visits to make. It’s hard to keep track of all my high school friends, and some I’ve done a better job of staying in touch with, but I’m honoured to be asked to their weddings!

*Actual statement from a hairdresser styling my hair two years ago. I’m not making this up.