When you come from a family of athletes…

I am running again.

It’s Springtime. The snow is (mostly) gone and I’ve put my skis away for another year.

On Friday I ran 4km. On Sunday I ran 6km, but that was due to a communication error over where crab legs were being served. (I ran 2 km in the wrong direction.)

This morning I ran 3km. It was really windy.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details, but rather share this anecdote from Friday night:

The scene: My parents’ kitchen in St. John’s. Mom, Dad and I are passing the phone around, talking to my sister from Ottawa. Sylvia is running around, opening cupboard doors, etc.

Mom (on the phone): How far did you run?
Me: How far did she run? I ran today, too!
Mom: just over 10 km
Me: ….
Mom: She’s training for a 10k.
Me: Me too!
Mom: Yes but she’s training for a 40 minute run.
Me: 10 km in 40 minutes! Is that even possible??!!?

Mom, Dad, Sarah (on the phone): Ha, ha, guffaw.

Dad: My personal best for a 10k is 36 minutes.
Mom: Mine was 36 minutes. (To Sarah on the phone:) I was probably around your age, too (29). (To me:) It was about a year after Sarah was born, actually.

Guess who turns 1 next week? And here I was hoping for a sub-1 hr finish in September.


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