Family values

Tonight’s blog post is brought to you by George Stromboulopolis…

I don’t normally watch his show. It’s a completely uninformed personal choice that dates back to journalism school and having to fall in line with either the Strombo or Gomeshi camp. Seeing as my heart belongs to radio, Jian won out. However, the baby was up late (despite only having a 35 minute nap today. Really! Where does she get the energy? I must stop feeding that child…) and George talks so fast it was hard to turn him off.

George was challenging politicians, and the Canadian voting public, to define “family values.” Go ahead, you tell me what it means. Stumped? So was I. I tried to put it into context of my own little family, and came up with good food, affection, fun and Scrabble, in no particular order. If I had to make it a nice round five, I would throw in free quality childcare.

But none of my family values, with the exception of childcare, are likely to ever make it to the hustings.

There’s the problem with the phrase – it can mean so many things to so many people. But the first party to campaign on a platform to change Sunday to Scrabbleday and circulate recipes in their bi-annual mail-outs will get my vote.


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