Freezer food

Today was a snow day. And as the snow piled up outside…

2-ft drift outside our door. My handy stash of wood is under there somewhere.

The casseroles piled up inside…

Freezer bounty

What you’re looking at (clockwise from left) is spaghetti sauce, spicy sweet potato soup, macaroni and cheese, pea soup, turkey Tetrazzini, lasagna, spicy chicken casserole, tuna casserole, cajun meatloaf, and cod-au-gratin. (Never mind the bananas and candy canes. The canes are leftover from the Christmas Tree, which will tell you how much time I’ve spent at home since Christmas.)

This is where Sylvia spent most of the day:

Sous-chef, literally.

You’ll notice she’s sitting squarely between the stove and the sink, and directly in front of the only bit of counter we have free for a worktop.

Luckily I still managed to prep for a dozen recipes.

Shredded, sliced and diced - how do you like your carrots?

And Sylvia was on hand to help me clean up, too.


So now with the freezer stocked, bring on my back-to-work date! (But not too fast. I still have minestrone, pizza crust, meatballs and apple crisp to make. Not to mention baby snuggles to stock up on and mornings to sleep in.)


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