Taxes and literature: more in common than you may think

Turns out all those bank statements were not all bank statements. Some of them were tax related. Which is important, because ’tis the Taxing season!

I may be the only person I know who enjoys filing my taxes. Truly. More than just not minding it, I take pleasure from tallying all my gas receipts and matching boxes on my T4 to boxes on UFile. It’s one of the few areas the only area of my life that actually lives up to my organizational ideals. I file all my gas, vehicle and medical receipts throughout the year. When the T4s and T22s start arriving (okay, I get like 3 of them) I add them to my tax folder and as soon as UFile lets me know I can log in and begin preparing my tax return, I get right on it. I am about a month late this year due to my trip to Oil Country. I spent about 45 minutes at it this morning. Another 15 tomorrow to review and I’ll send it in.

Perhaps the reason I most enjoy filing is looking forward to the big ol’ cheque that arrives a couple weeks later. You see, I’m still claiming tuition from the four years I spent at The Most Expensive University In The Most Expensive Province In The Country. That should do me for another couple of years. Try me again in 2015 and see if I still enjoy filing taxes quite so much.

In somewhat related news, I just finished reading The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis. The novel won the 2011 CBC’s Canada Reads programme, and while I continue to be a strong supporter of Ami McKay’s The Birth House, I think the panel chose well this year. The Best Laid Plans is funny, and not as fictitious as it’s Amazon classification may claim.


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