Things that make me laugh

This restaurant name:

Sylvia getting herself stuck in her suitcase:

$125 John Deere china with matching napkins!:

And the local curling club:

Geddit? Rocky Curling Club? I derive great pleasure from proper names that are also adverbs or adjectives. Rocky is full of potential. So is Random Island back home – random Lions, random North Development Association, random Age Friendly… the list goes on.


2 responses to “Things that make me laugh

  1. My favourite is anything to do with Paradise: Council votes no to Paradise dumpsite, Paradise short on visitors this year, etc.
    Love the John Deere ware and napkins, I would use it for sure…

    • Ha! Paradise is a good one. I think the John Deere motif would be better appreciated on enamel dishes, a tin coffee cup or a lunch kit… something that might get within 10 ft of a tractor.

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