Calgary in a day, brought to you by Free Breakfast

We made a quick trip to Calgary this week. I was reminded of two things while there.

1. I want one of everything that MEC sells.
2. I don’t like big cities, would never want to work downtown, could never commute in traffic, and really, really, REALLY appreciate fresh air.

I guess that’s five things.

Anyway, we had a good trip.

Family portrait atop the Calgary Tower: If the glass floor breaks, we're all going together.

Moi, demonstrating the proper luge technique at the Calgary Olympic Park

Moi, demonstrating the proper skeleton technique

We really had a great day, and I attribute that to the great breakfast we had that morning. The great, FREE breakfast, I might add. Nothing like free breakfast to set you up for a day of shopping and sightseeing. How did we get free breakfast? Well, we got a totally uncalled for wake-up call at 3:45 a.m. from the hotel’s front desk. Free breakfast was the least they could do.

Free breakfast was only the beginning. And the rest of the day went like clockwork. We found MEC in downtown Calgary without a map, directions, or GPS. Then I found a creperie amid steel and glass office towers. There was no lineup at the Calgary Tower, the glass observation floor didn’t break, we avoided all the commuter traffic out of town and Sylvia slept the whole way home. Calgary done.


5 responses to “Calgary in a day, brought to you by Free Breakfast

  1. Sounds like the perfect trip. I hope your breakfast was verrryyyyy large.

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