Pop Quiz!

Q: How fast do camera batteries freeze up when it’s minus 24?

A: Too fast to take a picture of the thermometer, that’s how fast.

Some months ago, I read a column by Christie Blatchford in the Globe and Mail. It was a personal column about her home renovation project, and it spoke to me because we too were currently (and STILL) undergoing renovations.

This is the line that stood out for me:

“…the cruellest trick of the renovation is that it is precisely at the moment when you are expending vast amounts of money to improve and/or enlarge your house that you realize you could quite easily, and happily, live in a bachelor apartment with a hot plate.”

We’ve been reduced to a bachelor apartment and a hot plate. Not even a bachelor – we are confined to one room, plus bathroom. The Chariot is moonlighting as a baby gate and rocking chair. Our freezer is a box in the pan of the truck. It’s an exercise in minimalist living which, coincidentally, is exactly how small I feel walking down the street among giant parked 4x4s and tank trucks.

However, let me introduce you to the latest highlight of Rocky Mountain House (and I do feel the tourism board is doing visitors a disservice by not including this in it’s top 1001 places to see).

The classiest laundromat I’ve ever seen!

Laundromat: detail

Vintage decor

What’s that? Can’t read the writing on the wall? Let me spell it out for you: Sorting Out Life One Load At A Time.

Oh, Laundromat, if only it were that easy.

Meanwhile, lookit the mountains!!!


That’s the David Thompson Highway heading West, cracking mountain ramparts and maybe a glacier or two along the way.

Shown: glacier.

All’s well, all lights are burning bright.


3 responses to “Pop Quiz!

  1. You certainly have a way with words. Love the blog and that sweet babe watching the clothes go round.

  2. I’ve always wanted to own a laundromat. On the other side there’d be a used bookstore with a little bakery café. I’m pretty sure the mingling scents of detergent, old books, and cinnamon buns would make it the homiest place on Earth.

    Say hi to the mountains for me! Sounds like your Smartwools are probably getting a workout?

    • There was a place like that in Halifax. The Bluenose laundromat? A breakfast diner upstairs, with lights that lit up when your wash load was finished spinning downstairs. It was next to the Venice cafe (I think?) on Windsor St., but it was lacking old books. Basically, if you combined the Bluenose with the Trident with Bob and Lori’s, you’re right, you would have the homiest place on earth.

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