Westward Ho!*

We’re going on an adventure
We’re going to travel far
We’re going on an adventure
We’re not scared!

Uh-oh, cold temperatures! Cold, cold, temperatures.
We can’t stay inside.
We can’t stay outside.
Good thing we brought the Chariot!

Negative 24 degrees centigrade this morning, expected to warm up to a balmy negative 19 by this evening. It’s cold. (But it’s a dry cold).

We’re not in Kansas Newfoundland anymore. Taking advantage of the last few weeks of my maternity leave, Sylvia and I have winged it out West where Travis is working. Off the top of my head, here are a few observations about this foothills town we’ll call home for the next four weeks.:

1. There are a lot of massage therapy establishments, and tanning salons offering massage. The town itself has about 7000 residents. By my rough calculations, that’s about one massage place for every 28 people. There are just that many places to get a rub down.
2. People here aren’t shy about their colons. Or at least advertisers aren’t. I’ve counted three ads to help combat constipation, including “lightening-fast colon hydrotherapy.” That’s about three more colon-health ads than I’ve ever seen in my life. (However I’m sure it’s a very important health issue for many many people).
3. Everybody drives a truck. I saw a two-door Hyundai Accent yesterday and, sure enough, it had out-of-province plates. Trucks rule the road here, and I’m happy to report I’ve joined their ranks. There’s nothing my white Stallion of a GMC 4X4 can’t do.
4. If you aren’t a massage therapist, chances are you work in the oilfield and drive an even bigger truck. Tank trucks, fracking trucks, drilling trucks, waste trucks, pump trucks … we’re in oil country, baby.

See ya, Mom. I'm just going to make sure Dad knows where to offload this oil. We'll be back in time for supper.

5. Everybody is just so gosh-darned nice. Everybody! Cashiers, lifeguards, hair dressers, truck drivers, you name it. Friendly as all get out.

More updates soon. In the meantime, anyone know any good one-pot meals, (or two-pot, as long as they require no baking or broiling)? My cooking resources have been downgraded to a two-burner stove and a microwave. Non-chili and grilled-cheese sandwich suggestions welcome.)

*actual name of the tiny hamlet where Sylvia’s Great-Great grandparents resided.


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