A basic human right. Then why is it so hard to come by?

I mean, we’re surrounded by it.

Water, water everywhere
Nor any drop to drink

The saga began Boxing Day when we had a call from our summer neighbour. She heard through the grapevine that her pump house had blown over in the Nor’Easter. The same pump house we share and draw on for all our water. A few more calls confirmed the house was down and the electrical had to be cut.

Two and a half weeks later, after one denied insurance claim and one denied electrical certificate, we finally got an electrician to replace the wiring and Newfoundland Power to hook up the pole.

Three days later, our pipes are frozen and we again have no water. Bonus? I didn’t wash the breakfast dishes. Do you know how hard it is to clean dried infant cereal off tiny rubber baby spoons? Near impossible, that’s how hard.

Tomorrow I’m going to have to unearth the frozen line coming into the house and train a heat gun on it long enough to thaw.

Stupid water. Stupid pipes. Stupid below-freezing temperatures. Stupid winter.*

*The frustration is apparently manifesting itself by curbing my vocabulary. My apologies. But how would you feel if you had no water? Think about it. Here’s a short list of things you can’t do when the pipes are frozen:

1. Cook pasta
2. Make a cup of tea
3. Have a shower or bath
4. Brush your teeth
5. Do laundry
6. Wash dishes (Not so torn up about that one)
7. Wipe your baby’s face with a damp cloth after meals
8. Flush the toilet
9. Wash your hands
10. Rinse your shirt of baby spit
11. Make ice cubes
12. Make hot chocolate
13. Keep a pot of water on the wood stove as a humidifier
14. Wash cloth diapers
15. Add a splash of water to your drink

I know I’m still more fortunate than many. According to the WHO, almost 20 per cent of the global population still doesn’t have access to clean drinking water. Feel free to tell me and my frozen pipes to shut the hell up.


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