Shrink wrapped houses are cool.

It’s been awfully busy around the Sheds.

For starters, we now have a medicine cabinet! AND electric heaters in the kitchen and baby’s room! Also, our house couldn’t be more snug now thanks to bags of sawdust packed around the skirting on the north and east sides (it’s true, our house is a miniature NYC), as well as shrink-wrap over the windows.

I thought I had left shrink-wrapped windows behind when I moved out of student housing for good, but new windows are on our To Buy list for the new year, so shrink wrap 2010 it is.

We also finally replaced the thermostat in the living room with one made since 1970, and actually mounted it to the wall rather than letting it hang by it’s wires.

I’m still trying to clear a space for the Christmas tree, but you know, progress.

In other news, my collection of cookbooks has officially expanded to fill all available space in my cook-book cupboard. Thanks, in part, to this most excellent recent addition. Happy Birthday to me. It’s the tangible version of this website’s cooking section, and it is chock full of Tasty. I’ve never had a bad recipe from her online collection, and the print version is just so pretty, I was delighted to buy St. John’s one and only copy. (Her website is also full of excellent photography and stories, including her own true-to-life love story. Read it when you’re blue, and it will perk you right up. Except maybe not at work, because all 20 installments will take you a good hour or more.)

But first, a little baby action:

Is she... a) helping me clean out the cupboards? b) getting the cookies sheet to bake Christmas cookies or c) rattling the pans and using them as teethers?

If you chose c, you’d be right


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