Tunes for the road

If I could update this blog from the driver’s seat of my car, you’d all be inundated with new posts.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the road lately. One of the many pains and pleasures of living where I do (56 kilometers from the closest whole-wheat anything). It’s a pain, because small babies don’t take kindly to long car rides. And when said baby distracts you from your grocery list (or when you forget a grocery list altogether), you end up at home with four acorn squash and enough apples to keep the whole town in pies, but still no olive oil. So the distance is a curse, and the gas tank is awfully thirsty.

On the other hand, my new car came complete with a CD player! And while I was sad to retire my collection of mix-tapes (lovingly compiled by myself and others over the past 15 years. In fact I am sure some of them – Emmylou Harris, Hot House Flowers – pre-date even my own tape-making career, having been pilfered from my father’s car some years back), I am enjoying listening to tunes on the go.

I’ve always loved driving and road trips and being behind the wheel, and my job requires a lot of driving – 10 to 15,000 km a year. But when I was on company time, I felt obliged to tune in to CBC and Open Line shows to make sure we didn’t miss a news tip. I’d get a short reprieve anytime the signal went fuzzy, but otherwise it was all-top-of-the-hour-news-updates-all-the-time.

This was not a problem. I’m listening to CBC right now, actually. (Hello, Jian!). But at a certain time of night (The Late Show, anyone?) there’s only so much public broadcasting one can take. Likewise Open Line. And as CBC Radio 2 is seriously lacking in broadcast strength outside the overpass, I’m rediscovering the pleasure of scrolling pavement and loud music. Yes, loud. Even when the baby is asleep.

On my motoring playlist recently there’s been a whole lot of Josh Ritter, a lot of Dead Language and, when the baby is awake, a lot of Collen Power‘s For Little Ones. Also on repeat the only Lyle Lovett tune I have.

My car CDs are wearing a little thin, and I am open to suggestions to broaden my driving karaoke soundtrack music. What music do you like best for the car?


3 responses to “Tunes for the road

  1. Nothing beats: Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case, Chris Kirby and the Marquee, Matthew Hornell and the Diamond Mines and the Sub-titles. All excellent driving music!

  2. I’m of a different era, Sheds, but the Travelling Wilburys do it for me. Every single time.

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