I got a post card in the mail today. Not unusual in itself, but it is from a complete stranger, and addressed to me.

My friend Claire introduced me to the wonderful world of Postcrossing, where you exchange postcards with other registered users from all over the world. (Have I told you about my friend Claire? I talk about her alot. She deserves an introductory post of her own, perhaps).

Some people are pretty intense, collecting thousands of postcards and stamps. Others (like me) are especially laid-back, just excited to get mail from another place.

I’ve always been fascinated by how a single sheaf of paper can, by way of a few strokes of the pen, find it’s way from my writing desk kitchen table to another person’s mailbox many thousand of kilometers away. The stamps don’t interested me – the logistics do. Cards and letters transcend language barriers and geographic distances, but how? Oh sure there’s cars and trucks and planes and boats, but keep your practical answers to yourself. Let me sit back and marvel at how very vast our world is compared to one small postcard.

Today’s card came from The Netherlands. Despite my fellow postcrosser’s thoughtful attempt to translate the joke on the front of the card, I still don’t get it. But the note on the back is universal: Greetings. Beautiful country. All the best.



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