Before dawn

I’ve left the bread and roll mix in the cupboard and have followed where Claire has dared to go before me: Bread. From scratch. (It is Monday, after all.)

The smallest member of the household thought 6 a.m. was the perfect time to get up, so while Travis slept we chewed on kitchen utensils set the dough to rise.

Rising with the sun

Pardon the pun.

Breadmaking is a wonderfully silent activity, have you noticed?

The dough was tougher and heavier than I am used to, and rose lightening-quick. It had more than doubled the pan height before I got it in the oven. The first slice was… delicious! But it’s hard to go wrong with warm bread slathered in butter, you know? It’s a little sweeter than trad. homestyle white. Turns out, it is a sweet bread recipe. Oops. Still: tasty tasty! I’ll make it again.

Meanwhile… this:

Now, see the soft blanket with age-appropriate toys in the foreground:

I turn my back for a second!

Hey, Mom, can you help me out? I'm kind of stuck over here!

I feel compelled to note the Bacardi box holds newspaper and cardboard for lighting the fire. The box itself is a remnant from our move – liquor boxes are ideal for packing, because you can’t overfill them making them too heavy to lift. Unless you fill them with beachrocks. Which reminds me of my latest foray into the shed! Another post in the making. In the meantime, I’m going back for one more thick slice of bread.


3 responses to “Before dawn

  1. Isn’t the bread terrific? I always reduce the sugar to 1/4 cup or less, though the sweet dough is great for cinnamon buns. I’m on the hunt for reasonably-priced whole wheat flour in Shanghai after consuming, um, two of these loaves in one week.

    Also – I’ve been splitting the recipe into one full loaf and two half-size ones. They make the most darling wee loaves, and I feel like Gulliver eating my tiny sandwiches and cinnamon toast!

  2. Is she old enough for the best toy of all?
    Saucepan and spoons.

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