I’ve been itching to get back at the shed. On Wednesday I finally corralled the whole family for one final small shed cleaning blitz. Sylvia was a great help:

That is, she slept in the Chariot for a full hour.

Travis was also a great help. He came armed with a reciprocal saw and a drill to tackle the door.

Until now, the door had to be nailed in place after every shed session. The hinges and long since rusted away, and the frame had rotted. Actually, the door blew off during the Hurricane so it was high time we thought about a more permanent fix.

Travis' height makes the shed door appear comically small. The shed itself is tall enough for me to stand in, but Travis has to duck for the beams.

A more permanent fix, also known as…


See how happy I am about having a door that swings?

If only I could get one like that on our bedroom door, I'd be all set.

Travis also thoughtfully and methodically set about to remove all the rusty nails protruding from the ceiling beams. I’ve been happily navigating around them all this time, but I suppose if they were at my eye level I’d take a hammer to them, too.

Removing rusty nails at eye-level

Sylvia woke up just as we were sweeping out the last of the wood shavings and dust.

She was delighted with the progress:

A whole parking garage just for my Chariot! You shouldn't have...

All in all, a successful evening’s work. The next task will be to re-organize the contents of both sheds. One for tools and toys, the other solely for wood.

This weekend is thanksgiving. The weather is cool but glorious. I love this time of year.


3 responses to “Blitz

  1. NICE WORK! Travis without a rusty nail in his eye? That IS something to be thankful for. Missing you three; eat a bite of turkey for me! (With gravy.) (Like, smothered in gravy. Don’t hold back.)

    • Would you settle for a bite of ham? We’re making ham, and hopefully root vegetable french fries, too. There won’t be any gravy, but there WILL be copious pineapple and maple syrup sauce.

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