Whales! Dolphins! Winners!

This post has been a long time coming. We’re still on running on post-Igor steam around here. It’s a difficult thing to describe – the energy and stress that follow a trauma all buzzing inside with no way out. It’s like when your stomach drops on an airplane, but the plane hasn’t brought up yet and it’s been two weeks of free-falling.

But the show blog must go on.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!

Diapers on the line. Aren't they pretty?

So last weekend as I was hanging out clothes, guess what I saw?? A whale! In the bay! From my clothesline reel, I spied a whale! I imagine there are precious few people in the world who can claim the same. Aren’t we lucky to live in a part of the world where this can, and does, happen?

I must’ve taken a dozen pictures trying to get my line of clothes and the surfacing whale in the same frame. Alas, no such luck. But you believe me, don’t you?

Not shown: minke whale

Buoyed by this unexpected thrill, I set about finally drawing a name for my clothesline contest winner. I wrote all four names on slips of paper, and sealed them with a clothespin. Into the basket they went.

Names in the basket

I showed the set-up to Sylvia, and encouraged her to pick a name. She was less than cooperative, so into the basket SHE went.

Pick a name, Sylvia!

Since when did 5-month-olds stop listening to their mothers? When I was her age I made my bed every morning and always obeyed my elders… Confucius had something to say about this.

Come on, pick one!

I even made it easier for her by piling them all at her feet. Still, she was way more interested in the basket.

Yum! basket!

Finally, she got is figured out and made a selection. I took off the pin to read it, and Sylvia did the rest.

Congratulations, Wise Web Woman!

Wise Web Woman – drop me an e-mail and we’ll sort out delivery of your prize biscotti.

I’m disappointed nobody came up with the bonus answer, which is of course Tom Dawe and Sylvia Flicken’s Alley-Coosh, Bibby and Cark – A second Newfoundland Folk Alphabet.:

E is for Eddy’s Flaw/ turn in the breeze/
A contrary puff/ that’s quick as a sneeze/
One winter Aunt Mary/ was hanging out clothes/
When a left-handed mitt/ nearly knocked off her nose

In other marine mammal news, there’s been an enormous pod of white-sided dolphins hanging around our bay the past few days. Yesterday we got out on the water with them.

Just one of hundreds

Forgive the lame photo. Of course I didn’t have the camera charged and this is the best we’ve got But there were just so many! They were everywhere, and with a couple of fin whales mixed in to boot. Really spectacular.


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